Why should you care? You should care if you think there is any room for improvement at all in how you plan and execute your recruitment function. Modern techniques for improving recruiting results mainly fall into two schools of thought; focusing on the skills of the individual recruiter (interviewing skills, Boolean search skills) and implementing new technologies (behavioral assessments, video interviews).

These are important, but we believe in a third component; the creation and implementation of an Agile recruitment strategy - the Lean Recruiting Canvas.

You can download copies of the Lean Recruiting Canvas through a secure link available in The Lean Recruiting Toolkit.

​​​So what's it all about? What is the Lean Recruiting Canvas anyway? And why should you care? 

The Lean Recruiting Canvas is a one-page agile strategic document for creating and implementing a plan of action for recruiting for an individual role. It assumes that HR professionals are educated and experienced enough to create and execute their own strategies when it comes to hiring.

We address many of the issues you may encounter already, but we make sure you bring it all together in a comprehensive, yet compact framework. We borrow Lean and Kaizen methodologies from the ​Japanese car manufacturing industry and Lean and Agile startup methodology from the Silicon Valley.​