Listen to our founder, Craig Brown, being interviewed about Lean Recruiting on the Recruiting Future podcast.

​​'I recently attended one of Craig’s workshops on lean recruitment.  I thought it was very well presented and was very impressed with the structure of it.  I really liked the way we started by looking at current processes, and then analysed what improvements we could make based on his principles of lean recruitment.  I have made some simple but effective changes based on the workshop and would highly recommend to others not familiar with these principles already.'​ 
~ Jane Downes, Founder of Part-Time.ie​

'This book is one of the most straightforward I have read on recruiting. Although I am well experienced this book has given me a complete new insight - it has allowed me to do my job more effectively and I have recommended it to colleagues.'

~ Ruaidhri Prendergast, Founder of ingenuityhq.com

'I recently attended the lean recruitment workshop ran by Craig Brown. This workshop was welcoming of all recruitment levels of expertise and applicable to different industries. I found the process of building on the lean recruitment canvas effective as we were able to apply it to real examples. I think the technique learned will be particularly helpful when discussing hiring requirements for the coming year with senior management/ hiring managers and for new roles where there is no question but to ensure a lean approach. Through this workshop I intend to make some small changes in in our strategic planning for recruitment and look forward to share the learning with colleagues and peers.'

~ Kate Daly, HR Officer at The Connacht Hospitality Group

'Craig’s application of Lean techniques to the recruiting function is highly practical but strategically focused providing a recruitment team of any size with a template to recruit whilst at the same time ensuring that team goals are aligned to the business objectives. The training session walks through the recruitment process from start to finish with a focus what your company has to offer as an employer but also what the deliverables of the role are and where it will add value.'

​~ Aoife McNena - Head of HR at Intuity Technologies

'I do enjoy reading the book. I love books from which I can learn and which challenge me to look at my work/profession from a different perspective. Your books belongs 100% to this category.'

​~ Cezary Wasiak - Director, International Talent Acquisition at WestRock.com