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Online Learning Courses

Craig has authored numerous self-paced online courses focusing on the intricacies of recruitment. These courses cater to individuals at various stages of their career journey in recruiting, and have been taken by learners at top companies such as NasDaq, VolksWagon, Box & NetApp.


Collectively, students have immersed themselves in Craig's content, clocking over 1.5 million minutes of invaluable learning experiences.


Recruiter Training - Beginner To Advanced

Recruiter Training.png

Embark on the journey to becoming a proficient recruitment professional. Unlock the secrets to sourcing, interviewing, and selecting top-tier talent consistently. Tailored for individuals new to the realm of talent acquisition, this course offers a comprehensive 10-hour curriculum brimming with invaluable insights and practical guidance.


By enrolling, you'll equip yourself with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the art of recruitment, ensuring successful hires with confidence every step of the way.

The Lean Recruiting Toolkit - Advanced Recruitment Strategy


Elevate your expertise as a proficient Lean Talent Acquisition Practitioner. Master the art of recruiting top-tier talent swiftly and effectively, ensuring their long-term commitment and enhanced contributions to your organization.


Tailored for individuals with a couple of years of recruitment experience, this course is designed to elevate your skills and propel your career to new heights. Whether you're aiming to refine your techniques or seeking advanced strategies, this program will empower you to exceed expectations and achieve unparalleled success in talent acquisition.

Boolean Search Essentials for Recruitment Professionals

Boolean cover.png

Unlock the secrets of Boolean search mastery and harness the power of Boolean operators, search strings, and Google Xray for unparalleled success in talent acquisition.


Whether you're a seasoned recruiter or new to the field, this course is your gateway to discovering elusive candidates through targeted online searches. Gain the skills and expertise needed to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and precision, ensuring you uncover hidden talent pools and make impactful hires. Join us and become a true Boolean Search Pro today!

Designing The Candidate Experience - For Talent Acquisition

1.3 What is Candidate Experience.jpg

Having a positive candidate experience isn't just beneficial for your candidates, it's advantageous for your organization too. It leads to better-suited employees for your roles and enhances your brand perception among candidates, even those not selected for hire.

In this course, we prioritize Communication, Process, and Respect (CPR) when assessing, refining, and implementing your recruitment processes. These pillars are crucial for optimizing candidate interactions and ensuring a seamless experience throughout.

How To Reduce Unconscious Bias In Your Hiring Practices

UB pic1.jpg

This course is designed for individuals entrusted with interviewing and hiring duties. Developed in collaboration with the Canadian Diversity Initiative, this course is tailored for everyone keen on fostering inclusivity in their recruitment practices.


Throughout the program, you'll gain insights into crafting and executing processes within your organization aimed at significantly mitigating unconscious bias in the recruitment process. By embracing these strategies, you'll not only enhance workforce diversity but also bolster bottom-line performance, making a tangible impact on your organization's success.

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