Lean Recruiting Certification

JIT Lean Recruiting Yellow, Green and Black belts

We offer JIT Lean Recruiting certification for students who have completed various phases of their development. Yellow, Green and Black belts demonstrate to employers, colleagues and clients alike your level of lean recruiting knowledge and capability, and importantly your willingness to learn new recruitment methodologies. Belt status can be verified in our online database.

Yellow Belt

Holders of the JIT Lean Recruiting Yellow Belt have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Lean Recruiting terminology, practices and more. They will have completed either our JIT Lean Recruiting Yellow Belt online course or an in-person day long JIT Lean Recruiting Workshop

Green Belt

To be eligible for our JIT Lean Recruiting Green Belt, students must have first completed Yellow Belt requirements. From there, they create and execute a plan for one role (a) their company has struggled with in the past, or (b) would like to see improvement on. Students work with a mentor over a period of 6 months to ensure that results are properly measured, and that of course there is improvement based on agreed criteria.

Black Belt

Similar to a Green Belt, but rather than working on a single project, student work on a program of up to 6 different roles. Again, results and improvements are measured under a structured, supervised program.

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