Lean Recruiting Certification

JIT Lean Recruiting Yellow, Green and Black belts

We offer JIT Lean Recruiting certification for students who have completed various phases of their development. Yellow, Green and Black belts demonstrate to employers, colleagues and clients alike your level of lean recruiting knowledge and capability, and importantly your willingness to learn new recruitment methodologies. 

Yellow Belt

Our Yellow Belt course is offered via a learning platform called Udemy. Check back there regulatory as Udemy often holds sales on their platform. 

Green Belt

The Green Belt course is offered on our eLearning page. This is for more experienced talent acquisition professionals. 

The Green Belt course contains much of the same info as the Yellow Belt course. In addition however, there are quizzes to prove your learnings, which your employer will love to see. We also ask you for a copy of a Lean Recruiting Canvas that you have worked on for feedback.

Black Belt

Please get in touch to learn more about our Black Belt certification. The Black Belt certification involves being able to teach other on Lean Recruiting Concepts.