'I recently attended one of Craig’s workshops on lean recruitment.  I thought it was very well presented and was very impressed with the structure of it.  I really liked the way we started by looking at current processes, and then analysed what improvements we could make based on his principles of lean recruitment.  I have made some simple but effective changes based on the workshop and would highly recommend to others not familiar with these principles already.' ~ Jane Downes  

We offer full-day workshops on Lean Recruiting methodology to groups globally. Not only do we provide and analyze real world examples, we ask students to bring their own job requisitions to work on. Refreshments and lunch provided. 

During the session, participants will...

  • Create and critique lean recruiting strategies making use of the Lean Recruiting Canvas framework. This involves...
    • Evaluating the Problem that led to the hiring requirement. Is it a real problem that needs solving?
    • Properly enunciating Company's USPs to show candidates that your company is a stable, viable concern.
    • Outlining the Role UVP to show candidates what's in it for them.
    • Selecting appropriate must-haves based on the hiring needs of the company.
    • Designing a custom-made Process, including appropriate Sources, for individual roles based on solving proof points.
    • Selecting and evaluate Key Metrics, ensuring Kaizen, or continuous improvement.
  • Learn Kaizen continuous improvement techniques by recognizing and act upon both Obstructive Catalysts™ and Latent Catalysts™ using Agile methodology.
  • Discuss other quick wins, such as...
    • How to write a job advert, as opposed to a job description.
    • How to attract more female and minority applicants.
    • How to conduct effective screening calls.
    • Efficient communication with both hiring managers and candidates.

Attendees will leave the session with...

  1. A plan of action for sourcing and hiring for one role using lean recruiting techniques.
  2. The knowledge required to replicate the formula over and over.
  3. A new network of fellow talent acquisition professionals from a variety industries and different size companies. 
  4. A free copy of The Lean Recruiting Toolkit for later reference. 

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Our workshops are offered globally.